Torq shortboard PG-R-ACT small wave performance voor alledaagse Noordzee golven.

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Torq PG-R ACT Brushed Black Rails

Een board dat van gemiddelde condities, super condities maakt!

De Torq PG-R ACT is ontworpen om te presteren in gemiddelde dagelijkse Noordzee surf. Het is bij uitstek Performance Groveller-model. Het onverwachte side-effect is een board dat zich leent voor progressie. Het is stabiel en vergevingsgezind, zodat je het vertrouwen hebt om harder te pushen. Het genereert en draagt ​​snelheid die wordt omgezet in powerturns of airs. Daarnaast kun je dit boardje vol op de rail surfen met uitstekende response. Het is een surfplank waarmee je je skills kunt verbeteren, ongeacht de omstandigheden.

De PG-R is een board dat gemiddeld in excellent verandert. Met 5 fin boxes kan de PG-R worden bereden als Quad of Thruster.

5’6 20 1/2 2 3/8 30.6
5’10 21 2 1/2 35,3
6’0 21 1/2 2 5/8 38,8
6’2 21 3/4 2 3/4 41.3


Torq ACT surfboards are the world’s first EPS/Epoxy Pre-Preg surfboards. The technological advantages are immense, but the most significant advantage is 100% controlled process with ZERO surplus resin.

On any surfboard the resin’s function is to hold the fibre in place. It offers little structural integrity of its own, little flex and little impact strength. As a material without the fibre it is heavy and brittle. Any surplus resin is dead weight – resisting flex, adding weight.

With Pre-Preg process the perfect amount of resin is added to the cloth by machine, before the shaped blank is laid up – zero surplus, zero dead weight.


Pre-Preg means the glass fibre weave is pre-impregnated with resin and hardener (kept cold to prevent curing). The fibre resin material is called a Pre-Preg matrix which is cured under high pressure and high temperature in a fully controlled environment.

This ‘baking process’ results in the strongest form of laminate.


Greatest strength to weight ratio. Typically, strong boards are heavy and light boards are weak (or stron and light boards are very expensive). Torq ACT boards have a super strong 6oz+4oz lay up on deck and bottom with an extra 6oz deck patch but they weigh around the same as a light glassed PU board.

Most importantly, they respond better. The feel of these boards is like no other surfboard – they are incredibly responsive. The unhindered flex and zero dead weight means all of the energy that you put through your feet is delivered into the turn with none of the ‘deadening’ effect from the resin.


The idea of flex in surfboard performance is really only half of the picture. Flex is easy to achieve and represents the loss of energy rather than the return of it. The important aspect of flex is re-flex; the ability of a material to return to its shape; releasing the energy stored when flexed.

Torq ACTs have a naturally unhindered flex due to the Pre-Preg materials which ensure no surplus resin, so the laminated fibre is able to perform with maximum efficiency. When pushed into a turn they have a natural rebound that projects and generates speed.

We have enhanced the re-flex strips of uni-directional, non-woven carbon fibre, the strongest form of carbon fibre, which has a much higher reflex rate. The board feels powerful underfoot and re-bound out of turns – lively and lightning fast.

These are next level surfboards.

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Gewicht 6 kg
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5'6, 5'10, 6'0, 6'2